Pearl Divers are a 6 piece band from Salford, Manchester. We play a diverse mix of music combining male and female lead vocals. The principle writer Carl Lingard, writes in many kinds of styles, from Indie, Pop/Jazz, Latin, football anthems, to Bond themes.  All Pearl Divers material is original and home grown, with strong melodies and interesting harmonies always featured. The music drives the band. We don’t market oursleves as anything other than a band led which way by the creative inspirations. We dive for pearls, and one never quite knows what we’ll come back with.

In 2010, Pearl Divers were awarded best new band by Salford City Radio.

Our sizzling new line-up promises to be every bit as good! The band are just beginning to emerge from rehearsals and start gigging.

Band Members

Carl Lingard:  Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Singer/Songwriter

Pearl Divers’ well crafted songs are the genius of guitarist and front man Carl Lingard.  Carl has an exceptional ability with melody, his lyrics almost poetry, carrying the songs to ‘top tier’ writing.  Carl utilises his musical theory to create chord structure; and the whole structure of the song is truly gifted to the length of time and self awareness of his musical talent. There is always an honest human element to Carls music, he performs with gusto and no fear. There is no ‘boring’ in Pearl Divers songs thanks to Carls prolific diversity.

Emma-Louise Tindale:   Lead Female Vocalist/Backing/Percussion & Guitar/Songwriter

Emma is our lead female vocalist and backing/percussion.  She takes an equal performance role with singer/songwriter Carl.  Emma comes from a Jazz/Latin dancing background, previously stage theatre, Starlight Express and all Vernacular Jazz styles.  She has blues and soul roots, with a strong technical grounding. She plays guitar though shy of it; watch out for her acoustic performance! She collaborates well, and has an exceptional ability to engage with people and pull together a team.  A true entertainer with strong vocal ability, Emma loves to provide an immersive experience to the audience.

Couper :  Principal Lead Guitarist

Couper is the Pearl Divers enigmatic guitar maestro, with a fluent, apparently effortless virtuosity. He is the youngest member of the band but don’t let youth fool you. He brings his much valued skills to the crew.  Couper is spellbinding to watch.

David Robson:  Drummer/Percussionist

David is the affable heart of Pearl Divers.  A ‘sticker’ in every sense of the word.  A great percussionist with considerable flair.  David cut his teeth with his long standing band projects immersed in the classic rock genre, which culminated most recently in The Roaches Band.  As the host of band rehearsals, when he’s not building facilities for us, buying yet more drums on ebay(!) or doing work on the manse, you’ll find him ploughing his furrow up and down the highways of the UK in his Audi Q5.  The Sam Gamgee to the bands Frodo, he avoids centre stage; a reluctant, but not unsung hero.

Pierce Burr:  Keyboards

Our stellar nimble, fingered pianist Pierce started playing the keys from 10yrs of age. When not hearing his deft playing, he is currently in his final years for Clinical Medicine at Manchester University. Previous to that completed 3yrs BSc Medicine at the prestigious St Andrews University.  Pierce is a huge lover of Jazz, 60’s rock, The Who, Led Zep, Beatles stemming to. Folk Music; lover of Bob Dylan. He gives Pearl Divers our synergistic chemistry, where all influences are evident.

Tony : Bassist


Tony is our latest member of PD. Our pro bassist with a long history of guitar performance with a versatility that gives Pearl Divers our solid harmonic foundation and rhythm.  He prides himself on being creative and having fun with his own notes, naturally working in tandem with drummer David.  Together they form the bands’ beating heart.