Pearl Divers are a 6 piece band from Salford, Manchester. We play a diverse mix of music combining male and female lead vocals. The main writer Carl Lingard, writes in many kinds of styles, from Indie, Pop/Jazz, Latin, football anthems, to Bond themes.  All Pearl Divers material is original and home grown, with strong melodies and interesting harmonies. The music drives the band. We don’t market ourselves as anything other than a band led which way by the creative inspirations. We dive for pearls, and we never quite know what we’ll come back with.  

In 2010, Pearl Divers were awarded best new band by Salford City Radio. They have won nothing since.


Band Members


Carl Lingard:  Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Singer/Songwriter

Carl was born at a very young age. He is the song writer in the band.  He likes melody and tunes.  Carl utilises his musical theorology to create chord structure  and the whole structure of the song is truly gifted to the length of time and self awareness of his musical talent. A chimp wrote this. There is always an honest human element to Carl’s music, he performs with gusto and no fear. There is no ‘boring’ in Pearl Divers songs thanks to Carl’s prolific diversity. Woohoo! Carl has been through more band members than the Fall, but is not as successful.

Tony Shep wrote: “He thinks he’s Noel Gallagher. He’s a knobhead!”

Other memorable quotes:

“Tell that speccy 4 eyed *unt to shift all those leads out of the shed.” (David Robson ex drummer of Pearl Divers).



Brandon Couper-Man :  Lead Guitarist

Couper is the Pearl Divers’ enigmatic guitar maestro, with a fluent, apparently effortless virtuosity. So enigmatic it takes him 3 weeks to answer a text. He  is the youngest member of the band but don’t let him fool you……he’s been playing guitar since he was 10….so about 2 years in all.  He has an eye for the sound a song needs.  He brings his much valued skills to the crew.  He plays with a musical understanding beyond his years. It’s all about that feel.  Couper is a spellbinding wizard to watch.  A precocious little show-off bugger he is principle song writer and guitarist for The Divide (loads more fans than us) and plays session guitar for Sequin Sally (bit gay that mate).  The rest of Pearl Divers carry all his sh** around everywhere which we love to do. He ain’t heavy. Lately he can be seen going to the shops ten times a day on his new motorbike. Couper is currently studying Professional Musicianship at BIMM.



David Robson:  Drummer/Percussionist

David is the affable heart of Pearl Divers.  A ‘sticker’ in every sense of the word. A great percussionist with considerable flairs.  David cut his teeth with his long standing band projects immersed in the classic rock genre, which culminated most recently in The Roaches Band.  We don’t mind him being in the Roaches because they are one of the few bands around not as good as us. As the host of band rehearsals, when he’s not building facilities for us, buying yet more drums on ebay (!) or doing work on the manse, you’ll find him ploughing his furrow up and down the highways of the UK in his Audi Q5.  David is quite high up in the Robson family pecking order. His Audi Q5 gets him home in time to clean the dog mess out the garden. The Sam Gamgee to the band’s Frodo, he avoids centre stage; a reluctant, but not unsung hero. Dave’s got all the money in the band. We have lawyers.


Pierce Burr:  Keyboards

Our stellar nimble fingered pianist Pierce started playing the keys from 10yrs of age. Some say he should have stopped there. When not hearing his daft I mean deft playing, he is currently in his final years for Clinical Medicine at Manchester University. (God help us). Prior to that he completed 3yrs BSc Medicine at the prestigious St Andrews University.  Pierce is a huge lover of Jazz, 60’s rock, The Who, Led Zep, Beatles stemming to. Folk Music; lover of Bob Dylan. He simply adores the oboe.  When he takes his hands out of his pockets he gives Pearl Divers our synergistic chemistry, where all these influences are evident. His not inconsiderate talents include the guitar. He dreams of one day touring his band ‘Flame ‘n’ Co’ around Trafford Park.


Tony Shep : Bassist

Tony ‘The Tone’…  After Playing bass since the age of 13, originally inspired by energy of the punk era he found in 1978, he quickly realized that the world of music had much more to offer, and drifted from punk to funk and everything in between. Playing in Glen Miller style big bands and various bands at school, gave him a good grounding in many disciplines. Over the years he has played in several original bands, including collaborations with the likes of Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses, Simply Red). He has been involved in bands that played support to such bands as Ocean Colour Scene, Alabama 3, amongst others. After his other bands the Divers is a bit of a come down but it gets him out of the house. Tony brings a creative bass style to PD with his trusty Fender Jazz bass, electric upright, and a range of tone bending pedals. Tony should stick to playing with people his own age. Good job he’s got daughters.

Debbie Allen: Vocals

Debbie is from Liverpool but that’s ok. We played there once. She’s worked as a professional solo singer on the North-west circuit for a number of years and it shows. She has also fronted tribute bands before. In 2008 she got to the X-Factor boot camp and her career took off.  Still looking for some evidence of it but she assures us she was on the telly.  She’s been on the books of many agents performing at Holiday Resorts, Hotels, Festivals, Pubs, Clubs and Weddings. Then she got with the Divers. This is the third time she’s been in the band so things are going well. Some have said her career took a dive there but the band assures her that things are on the up and up. We played G-Mex so what more d’you want. A child cried but we smashed that Vegan Festival. Debbie couldn’t make it. She is the Pearl Diva for sure. She even has her own manager and an enormous pair of P.As. She has an extraordinary voice  and makes our band more glamorous. She lights up the stage like a firecracker.